New Year and Back to Blogging

It has been over 2 years since I’ve posted an update to this blog. I miss writing. It’s time I get back to writing about what I’ve been working on and what’s on my mind. The start of a new year is as good of time as any to get back to blogging.

While I’m at it, I might as well share my New Year’s resolutions for 2024.

Write at least 2 posts each month

I want to write at least 2 blog posts each month. My goal is to write something every two weeks. It may not be an in-depth post on a topic, but it should be something worthy of sharing.

Read at least 1 book each month

I want to read at least 1 book this month. My goal is to alternate reading fiction and non-fiction books. I intend to share my thoughts on the books on this blog.

Lose at least 20 pounds by June

The “lose X pounds” is a common New Year’s resolution. I’m no exception. I need to drop some weight, get a bit stronger and more flexible, and generally get healthier. Hopefully by writing this and sharing here, it’ll serve as motivation to get it done. Bonus for keeping the weight off.

Happy New Year!